Eau de Philae

Eau de Philae is an Italian brand of natural skincare products owned by parent company Cemon. The Eau de Philae website hadn’t received much prior marketing attention and lacked visibility. As a result, visitor figures were low. Cemon wanted this to change. They asked us to develop an original content marketing piece to promote the website, with the goal of increasing web traffic and online sales.

Brainstorming content ideas

Content Ideas and Creation

We researched Eau de Philae’s content marketplace, and created a list of blogs and publisher websites that the target audience engaged with. Next we brainstormed ideas for innovative new content. We passed these ideas to a selection of key bloggers on our list, inviting them to give us feedback and choose their favourite.

This approach gave us unanimous backing for one idea. It also secured online coverage, because the bloggers we’d approached were keen to share our content when it went live.

Cosmetics That Connect with the Stars

The winning idea was an interactive piece of content that matches celebrities with cosmetic products. The viewer can select their favourite celebrity, then discover which make-up and beauty products their chosen celebrity uses.

We presented our piece to the bloggers who’d promised to share our content. We also reached out to the other bloggers and publishers on our list to generate more exposure for the piece. Finally, we created a native advertising campaign to promote our content on relevant publisher websites.

A Big Impact

The campaign was a great success. During the first month of the content’s launch, the monetary value of the Eau de Philae website (established via the critical goals and metrics) increased by 3,945% compared to the previous year and 1,269% compared to the previous month.

Traffic also increased by 380% through referral, organic, and social visits compared to the previous month.

  • 3,945%

    Increase in conversions

  • 1,269%

    Increase in conversions compared with previous month

  • 380%

    Increase in web traffic

"Supremo created clear metrics which they would measure the performance of the campaign. Evertyhing linked back to the main website objective: generating revenue"


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